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Ripping Renzo's Rods From the Times Tower Facade

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Deconstructionism is taking on a whole new meaning over at the New York Times Tower on Eighth Avenue where an entire nest of socially conscious spidermen went to work de-rodding part of the building yesterday. Shortly after Spidey Number 3 was taken into custody for scaling Renzo Piano's ladder-like facade early Wednesday morning a crew was put to work dismantling the lower-lying rods above West 41st Street. Previous attempts to apply a pest repellent at the Times Tower clearly have not been successful. The gang in charge at the Old Gray Lady have high hopes that fewer rods will thwart the web of climbers and other attention grabbers, but had previously said it wouldn't alter the Piano facade. The Vice Chair of the Times Company said "We’re going to sort this out within the design sensibility of the building." We'll have to wait to see what news is fit to print on this one.
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