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On the Market: Is This Karl Fischer Row's Finest?

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Did Top Chef target the wrong Bayard Street building for this summer's filming? Right next door to the cheftestants' rumored home at 20 Bayard, a resale has popped up at the Aurora?the Karl Fischer Row building at 30 Bayard. According to a tipster, the apartment was recently scouted for a Bobby Flay taping, and it's not hard to see why. Thanks to the Aurora's major halfway-point setback, Unit #7B has a terrace to die for, with a working fireplace and a coin-operated observation telescope. And yeah, the open kitchen is probably good for cooking and crap, too. The 1,410-square-foot condo has only three bedrooms, so maybe it wouldn't be the best fit for Top Chef. So hey, its open season! The apartment closed in November for $1,280,000 and the seller is looking for $1,575,000 on the flip.
· Listing: 30 Bayard Street [Elliman]