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Die Harder Yuppie Scum: Protest Gets a Sequel

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Tonight in the East Village, there will be a follow-up sorts to the wine-bar-targeting Die Hard Yuppie Scum protest that rocked downtown?er, amused downtown a few weeks ago. But while the protesters will pass by the Bowery Wine Co. on First Street, the main target this time around is the Economakis family, the owners of the tenement at 47 East 3rd Street who are in the process of evicting the rent-stabilized tenants in order to convert the property to a single-family mansion. The inflammatory flyer above (w/ bonus Apple signage, to keep today's theme alive) comes via Neither More Nor Less, and it has the family worried that protesters are going to do some serious damage to the property.

On his website, Mr. Economakis writes, "I never made this statement nor any other like it. I find the statement offensive; and further I find its attribution to me to be threatening. As the statement was invoked to justify the death and destruction that came with the French Revolution, I hope that persons attending the protest do not mistakenly use it to justify the destruction of property." According to the Post, the family is on vacation, and won't be anywhere near this shitshow.
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