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Rent-Stabilization War: Charlie Rangel is So Busted

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Governor Paterson took some heat a while back for disclosing he pays only $1,250 per month for a rent-stabilized apartment at Lenox Terrace, the six-building Harlem luxury development at 135th Street between Lenox and Fifth Avenues, but he swears to this day it's his primary residence. Congressman Charles Rangel, however, has some splainin' to do, because he has four rent-stabilized apartments at Lenox Terrace. Four. The Times exposé notes he pays a total of $3,894 per month for three adjacent units on the 16th floor, and one apartment several floors lower that he uses as a campaign office, which is such a slap in the face of rent-stabilization laws that it makes the homeless Windermere resident suddenly seem a lot less ridiculous. The combined market-rate rent on those apartments would be $7,465-$8,125 per month, according to the website of Lenox Terrace's owner, the Olnick Organization. And what of the Olnick Organization? Oh, Vantage Properties?the kings of predatory investment/rent-stabilized-tenant harassment?is led by Olnick's former COO, and Rangel, who has been vocal about preserving affordable housing in Harlem, has never called them out? Oof. You do hate to see that.
· Rangel Rents Apartments at Bargain Rates [NYT]