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Destructoporn: Digging a Hole for 740 Eighth Avenue

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Broadway theater-goers have front-row viewing for a whole new show near Times Square. This production is reportedly from the Odd Couple of Stephen Ross of Related Companies and Mort Zuckerman of Boston Properties, and for now the show is free. This one has been yakked about for quite some time by the gang over at Wired New York. As of this week it's just a dirty old scar, but it could become a new million-square-foot tower. To make way for what's to come a stretch of teeny little bars and restaurants, where for years theater types could be found telling tales late into the night, are being ground into dust. The new project is called 740 Eighth Avenue and it will rise between 45th and 46th Streets just west of Times Square's massive Marriott Marquis Hotel. Lost City recently reported on demo permits for the stretch of little old brick stalwarts on the north side of 45th. Now, DOB records show that the entire bunch, from 259 through 267, will soon be coming down and the red-brick hotel at the southeast corner of Eighth Avenue and West 46th Street will be coming down as well. That old place was once the Hotel Fulton, where rooms could be had for as little as 60 cents a night. Times Square certainly has changed.
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