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Week in Review: Renzo De-Rodded, Staten Island's Moment, Brooklyn Bowl, St. Marks Place '08, More

As this long weekend Saturday gets underway, check out a selection of some of the top stories on Curbed this week.

1) Midtown: Renzo Piano's New York Times Tower started to get an unanticipated redesign in the form of rod removal to prevent tower climbing. But he's cool with it.

2) Staten Island: The Fifth Borough's Moment has arrived with gentrification, tourism and more.

3) Williamsburg: The Brooklyn Bowl will be coming to Wythe Avenue with 16 lanes and a 600-person performance venue by the end of the year. Any resemblance to the Hustler Club will be purely accidental.

4) East Village: The St. Mark's Place of 2008 look a little different than it did in 1978, 1988, 1998 or even last month.

5) Williamsburg: After losing out on the Real World, the 'Burg may have finally gotten its reality show. Top Chef contestants are rumored to be living at 20 Bayard on Karl Fischer Row. Reality of Bedford Avenue on a Friday night still more entertaining.

6) Stuy Town: There is pot smoking and laundry theft galore. And no Bruins fan is safe!