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Pier 40

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The Pier 40 Partnership and Urban Dove/CampGroup were given 90 days by the Hudson River Park Trust to combine their Pier 40 proposals into one community-friendly megaplan, and the fruit of that labor was presented last week. The Villager reports, "the latest proposal includes three public high schools to be located on the W. Houston St. pier’s northern side. In addition, there would be 75,000 square feet of as-yet-unspecified retail space on the ground floor on the pier’s southern side. The plan also calls for a 50,000-square-foot event space on the ground floor at the pier’s southwest corner. Six hundred thousand square feet of the 15-acre pier would be devoted to public open space and athletic fields. The latest scheme also includes 2,400 parking spots for cars, which would be squeezed into a smaller space than the parking that is currently on the pier by using parking stackers." [Villager; previously]