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Balazs Brings His Big, Bad Beaver Back

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The New York City real estate world has been a lot more boring ever since the William Beaver House dropped the babes and went all serious. That is fact. But while the shift has been good for business, it hasn't been, like, so good for business. So with a bunch of units still lingering in the Financial District building, The Real Estate reports that André Balazs is bringing out out the big guns: a service called Beaver Butler that lets residents monitor their apartments and access the building's concierge services via computer. Per the Beav's website, in addition to adjusting an apartment's temperature or scheduling an in-home message, owners will be able to access in-residence cameras (in-residence cameras???) to check out what's going on while they're away. And if the demo videos on the website are any indication, André Balazs is expecting a lot of buff shirtless handymen, sexy pillowfights and suggestive Ferrari shining at Willy B. And a lot of key copying, apparently!
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William Beaver House

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