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Sam Chang on Sam Chang

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What are you going to do upon retirement? "Just relax. I'm going to build one hotel at a time after I retire. Right now I'm building 30 hotels at a time." Do you like to drink? "Yes. I'm a good drinker. I'm well-known on the street — Sam Chang is a good drinker. Last night there was a cocktail party in the Four Seasons restaurant on 52nd Street, a cocktail party by Cushman & Wakefield's capital markets group, from 6 to 9. After I finished work, I walked in at 6:30. All the brokers, when they saw me, they went right to the bar and they said, 'Sam, are you ready?' [I said], 'I'm ready.' We drank five shots of tequila." Do you have a driver? "Yes. And I have a bodyguard." [TRD]