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Waterfront Firehouse Demolished Before Anyone Got Wise

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Back in February we hit up the Hudson River Park Trust meeting regarding the continued drama surrounding Pier 40, but another item on the docket caught our attention. It was Pier 53, specifically the old firehouse at the end of the tiny pier that sticks out of the Gansevoort Peninsula, which the city wants to turn into a garbage transfer station. The FDNY wanted to tear down the building (green roof, above) to make way for more updated digs for its marine division, but many people wanted the building preserved, even if it meant moving the structure and turning it into a museum or something. The debate has been going on for a while, and at the meeting it seemed like the Trust's board was interested in keeping the building around. We haven't heard much on the topic since. Until Friday, when a tipster alerted us that the firehouse was just demolished. Oops! The Villager reports that the FDNY unit, and its hella cool fire boat, have relocated to Pier 40 until the new facility gets built. We headed over to the banks of the mighty Hudson to check out the scene. Results above.
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