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Curbed PriceChopper: Palazzo's Penthouse Gets ChupiChopped

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Then: $32,000,000
Now: $29,500,000
You Save!: $2,500,000

Chupi, Chupi, Chupi. Sometimes it's hard to love you. But love you, we do. The fact that your glorious triplex penthouse?with its seven balconies and terraces, including that 16' x 65' showstopper (floorplan also above)?still languishes on the market is hard enough for us to accept. But now, after a switch of brokers, that penthouse has been re-listed for far less?suddenly just another countless member of Manhattan's $20 million+ club. Surely this work of art deserves better than such generic company. But these are troubled times for the Chupster, when not even Julian Schnabel's name is spelled correctly within the description of his greatest creation. When the duplex below once again pops up on the market?also via new representation, we assume?will we see more chopping? Hard to say, so until then, we will focus our attention on SteetEasy, and we will pray for your Chupiriffic soul.
· Listing: 360 West 11th Street [Corcoran]
· Curbed's Palazzo Chupi coverage [Curbed]

Palazzo Chupi

360 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014