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Die Harder Yuppie Scum Protestors Eat Cake, Denied Pizza

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[Photo via EV Grieve]

Friday night saw the latest anti-gentrification, anti-yuppie, anti-wine-bar, anti-single-family-mansion protest in the East Village/LES, and if there's one thing keeping us alive, it's the anticipation of reading the blog coverage of these throwback events. This protest, the sequel to the earlier Die Hard Yuppie Scum rally, kicked off outside 47 East 3rd Street, where both police and pastries were in great supply (Let them eat cake, etc.). High on sugar, the "Slacktivists" once again wandered down to the Bowery Wine Co., whose owner had promised the protesters free pizza the next time they showed up. He came out and said the pizza was coming, but unfortunately the cops advised him against it to prevent a food fight. Slogans were shouted, and the crowd eventually dispersed, to Mars Bar and beyond. "At least in the old days we threw beer bottles," Vanishing New York overheard someone say. True, but Two Boots did send over some pizza pies earlier in the evening, so while the old days had more bottle-throwing, at least now the catering is better.
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