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It Happened One Weekend: More on Harlem's Most Hated

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1) As a follow-up to that massive feature about Willie Kathryn Suggs, Josh Barbanel dips into some of the controversial Harlem broker's past legal troubles. Like that time she got into a spat with her own lawyer over a real estate transaction, admitted to violating state law designed to protect buyers, paid a fine and nearly lost her license. [Big Deal/Trouble in Harlem]

2) Wall Streeters, those still with jobs, may be financially well off compared to the rest of us schlubs, but in a cruel twist of fate, they are being deemed risky borrowers by banks who are worried about 2009 bonuses. Yes, the bankers are getting turned down by banks. And yet, at the same point in time, a half-floor apartment is asking $80 million. Strange days. ['Rich but Rejected']

3) The posh glassy condo tower at 10 West End Avenue just can't shake the fact that it's only a few steps away from cruddy Eleventh Avenue. Pot holes keep popping up outside that swallow trucks and wreak havoc on the building's valet service. But whose responsibility is it to fix the damn things? [The City/Upper West Side]

4) Restorations! Get yer historic building restorations here! Old Seaport hotels? We got 'em. How 'bout an old church on MacDougal that's adding some condos and losing its modernist façade? One left!

5) This just in: the East Village has changed since Rent debuted, and it's not just the lack of pay phones and answering machines. ['Bohemia Takes Its Final Bows']

6): An oft-repeated question gets a pretty good answer: What is a preferential rent, and when will my landlord be able to screw me? ['How ‘Preferential’ Are Some Rents?']

10 West End Ave

10 West End Ave, New York, NY 10069