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Real World Brooklyn Going to Red Hook!

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Here we go again. That report that Real World Brooklyn was going to be filming in Carroll Gardens after all? Never mind. It turns out that Real World turned down the building (again) last week because "it didn't make logistical sense" to either the producers or the developer And, now, just into the inbox the brand new Real World news/rumor: It's going to be Red Hook. Per an email with the subject line "Real Whirrled Confirmed":

Construction of a make-shift apartment has begun on the upstairs end of Pier-41 (204 Van Dyke Street) as of last week. The space had been previously been a catering and event hall until a Nor'Easter damaged the access pier leading to the space back in the '80's and most recently in the workings to reopen as the same at the hands of River Cafe's Buzzy O'Keefe. The space had most recently been used a few years ago when it was built-out as a bar/night club for the Will Smith movie, Hitch.If it's true, all we can say is great key lime pies downstairs and easy access to Fairway and Ikea.
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