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Stuyvesant Town Renters Rally in Wake of WallGate

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We've been having a lot of fun with Stuyvesant Town lately?pot-loving laundry thieves, Bruins-loving laundry thieves, etc.?but all kidding aside, it's the WallGate controversy that looks like it could end up giving landlord Tishman Speyer fits. To catch you up, the widespread Stuy Town practice of creating an extra bedroom by blocking off the living room with a so-called "pressurized wall" was suddenly abandoned. Yesterday, the Post filed a report that confirmed the suspicious of many?that the DOB and FDNY ordered the subdivisions to stop. Tishman Speyer is trying to rush the plans through the system to get the walls DOB approval, but in terms of appeasing new market-rate tenants, who have been given "privacy screens" to set up while they wait on the walls promised in their leases, the damage may have already been done.

After finding each other on the Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association message boards, those affected by WallGate decided to meet up over the weekend to vent and plan the next course of action. Here is what transpired, per the boards:

Here's the basic info we discussed/what we decided to do. The pressurized walls are in violation of some code. We weren't sure exactly which one it is, but it seems that TS is trying to get permission from the city to allow these walls. Why they didn't get the permission in the first place or why the rules were changed and TS still advertised the walls is anyone's guess. We are going to look into getting more information about all aspects of this by trying to put together an email list of tenants with walls or who were promised them. To do this, we're making an email address (to be posted soon) and printing up posters to put up in the entrances of all the buildings. We'll ask people who are concerned about the wall issue to join the email list and we'll keep everyone informed. We can hopefully reach out to a larger group of people this way, and perhaps when we have definite information about the future of walls in the development we can call a large meeting. We finished tonight's meeting by splitting up who would be putting up posters where. If you can help put up posters, please let us know!Of course, it starts with posters. It ends, as the French Revolution taught us, with pitchforks! Or was it guillotines? Eh, something like that.
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