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Eye on the Sky: Cranes & Falling Buckets Roundup

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Here's a rundown of info about fallen cranes, fear of cranes and falling buckets of cement:

1) Upper East Side: New York Crane and Equipment, which owned the crane that collapsed at 91st Street in May wants a gag order before it turns over documents about the maintenance of the crane. Lawyers are asking for a confidentiality agreement so the information doesn't become public. Maintenance issues are believed to have led to the collapse of the crane. [Sun]

2) Williamsburg: Speaking of New York Crane, that would be one theirs going up at the site of the Edge on Kent Avenue, and the neighbors are afraid it'll give the area the kind of edgy feel they aren't looking for. "Crews worked throughout the weekend installing the neighborhood's first tower crane in recent memory...brought to you by New York Cranes: the same outfit that - you guessed it - owned the two tower cranes that collapsed in separate incidents earlier this year in Manhattan, collectively killing eight people." [INSIJS]

3) Downtown Brooklyn: Yesterday's 20-story cement bucket drop that crushed a Department of Environmental Protection car just before two people were about to get into it, came from a building that has had a variety of issues, including citations in April for unsafe scaffolding. There's now a Stop Work Order on the project. It "was eerily reminiscent of a similar incident from years ago when construction material fell onto a local lawyer, killing him on Court Street..." [Brooklyn Eagle]

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