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The Staten Island Moment: Insane Public Art Arrives

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How long before Staten Island rules the world? The forgotten borough was already having a moment before news of the tattoo museum came along, and now the Wu-Tang Clan's old stomping grounds have their very own public art project to rival the NYC Waterfalls: Lions and Tigers and Bears...S.I. The animal statues have been painted according to different themes by local artists, and they've been on display around Staten Island since March. They will be auctioned off at the Staten Island Zoo in September, or you can buy your favorite statue today for $3,000. Oh, did we mention these things are bizarre as fuck? Above, a gallery of our favorites (that's the "Reporter Lion" up top), but do check out the complete collection for a trip into the weird world of our new rulers. Folks, there's even a "Real Estate Lion."
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