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Will Carroll Gardens Real World Welcome Include Protest Signs?

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Just when Carroll Gardens residents were feeling a little better about that complicated zoning business and developers were making nice with feel good, informative websites about projects they despise, and the Real World threat had been smashed by BellTel Lofts, it may be time to get the pitchforks and torches out of the closet again. MTV's Real World might be ditching BellTel and coming to Carroll Gardens after all. Yesterday morning, Brownstoner passed along news that construction progress at BellTel was so slow it threatened to delay the start of shooting in August and said that a building at 116 Third Place might be the new spot. That building, which was the recipient of a tumor addition and was a Curbed DDJ, was one of the originally rumored Real World BK buildings. Yesterday evening, Real Deal added to the knowledge base by passing along word that filming equipment had actually been moved to the building on the quiet Carroll Gardens block. So far, the Carroll Gardens email lists and message boards are silent, but the smart money says it will be the first Real World house with demonstrators outside at some point in late summer or fall.
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