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TKTS, All Joking Aside ...

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Seeing the seriously nasty face hovering over good old George M. Cohan and the always-under-construction TKTS Booth in Times Square, one might expect to see some horrid calamity atop that Stairway to Nowhere. The sour mood along the Great White Way hasn't been helped by a very public spat between a Broadway insider and a very testy bureaucrat. That made for some very dark nights, indeed. To clean up that messy pile of doo, the head honcho at the Times Square Alliance has stepped up to the plate and tried to make nice to everyone. Meanwhile, the crew in Father Duffy Square has forged ahead, applying all sorts of Helvetica graphics onto those big slabs of glass. But Duffy's pedestal remains Father-free. And the steps rising high above 47th Street are still missing their planks of thick red glass, which are supposedly en route from somewhere across the sea. But that's the same old story we've been hearing for months now. Will this project ever get finished? And will Father Duffy ever find his way back home? Seriously, a prayer or two might be the only answer.
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