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Eye on Dubai: Spinning Skyscraper Lines Up 140 U.S. Buyers?!

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And now, an update on Dubai's Dynamic Tower?which, if you don't recall?is the single biggest mindfuck of our time. Why run the photo gallery again, you ask? Because, to see the 80 stories of rotating madness is to know it, to taste it, to love it. But most of all, we just love looking at renderings that involve Ferraris and women in bikinis. So, how is the sales drive going after that big Plaza hotel kick-off event? You wouldn't believe us if we told you, so instead well just quote from the press release we got.

Following the opening of the reservations list for the world’s first Dynamic Tower in Dubai, more than 600 requests have been submitted for residential apartments, Rotating Tower Dubai Development Ltd. announced today. The revolutionary building, designed by Italian architect David Fisher, was first announced at a press conference in New York City on June 24.

Over 140 reservation requests have arrived from the United States, followed by the UK (94) and Australia (57), as well as Italy, China, New Zealand, and other countries throughout the world. More than 50 reservations were submitted specifically for the Dynamic Tower’s luxury villas, with prices starting at 20 million Euros (US $30 million). New requests continue to be submitted for all types of apartments.

Wait, not only are foreigners keeping our condo market afloat, but now the American buyers who can afford such flights of fancy are taking their money elsewhere? Eh, who knows. Certainly reservations don't necessarily lead to sales (coughTrumpSohocough), and you have to take chest-pounding Dubai real estate news with a grain of salt, and we're still not sure this whole building isn't some elaborate prank, but good lord!
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