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Will Landmarked Gowanus Building Die from Neglect?

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There was some cheer a couple of years ago when an odd little building at the corner of Third Avenue and Third Street on the Whole Foods site in Gowanus was landmarked. The building, however, is caught in a dispute between its owner and Whole Foods, which owns the adjacent property and had apparently agreed to renovate the landmark. Last month, Brownstoner reported on the awful condition of the building and the fact that it appeared Whole Foods was responsible for the upkeep of th 134-year-old structure. Today, the Daily News follows up with some depressing details about the dispute over the building's upkeep. Whole Foods, meanwhile, has done nothing with the site around the building, which would house a 68,000 square foot store. The owner of the historic building (which sports banners for a demolition company) says "the whole thing is a disaster." He wanted to open an art gallery and "gift store" on the site. Whole Foods, meanwhile, told the paper that "we have no information whatsoever regarding the owner's plans for the building." Last year, there were fears the building might be torched after the doors were left open for a long time.
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