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CurbedWire: Water Taxi Free, But Different

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Earlier we reported the Red Hook furor about the new Ikea Water Taxi policy involving hand stamps, Ikea receipts and reports of employees telling people about a coming $6 fee for non-customers. Here's the official word from an Ikea PR rep: "Just to clarify, there is no charge for the IKEA Water Taxi – it is still FREE to EVERYONE. The demand for service has been so high, that IKEA has instituted an in store hand stamp for customers who traveled to the store via the free Water Taxi to insure that the customers they are providing the free Water Taxi shuttle for get first in line and get a seat on the Water Taxi to get back to Manhattan. As long as there is space on the Water Taxi after IKEA customers board it is open and FREE to everyone." Should make life interesting for the non-customers. [CurbedWire Inbox; previously]