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Lifestyles of the Not So Rich and Marginally Famous

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Developer the Gotham Organization never met a publicity stunt it didn't like, especially when it comes to the company's pricey luxury rental building Atlas New York on West 38th Street and Sixth Avenue. The building has received plenty of attention for its free breakfasts and rooftop concert series for tenants, but the latest news out of the Atlas should excite all you hot tranny messes out there. Per a press release, the new Project Runway contestants lived in six apartments in the building during filming, which wrapped last week. In fact, Project Runway contestants have lived at the Atlas during every season except for the last one, when they shacked up at another Gotham-owned building on West 43rd Street. The show moves to L.A. next time around. Above, one of the actual apartments used by the contestants. Pretty cool, but it lacks the industrial charm of the Real World's rumored Red Hook reality.

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