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NoMoore Suburban Bliss to be FLank-ed by Glass and Steel

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The vertical suburb-o-rama, which has been under construction forever down at North Moore and West Broadway, is about to get a new neighbor across the street at 240 West Broadway. This one is from that forward thinking gang over at FLAnk Architects, whose website shows something asymetrical and juxtapositional, all slick up top and rugged down below. More details about the project like its 9 stories, 7 units and planner Peter Cooper, come by way of City Realty. It will rise on a very irregular site formerly occupied by parked cars and Hollywood stars--it's the very spot where Zoolander had a gas of a fight and where the wizards from Disney set up an Enchanted Palace Casino. There's no indication that this new one will have a big pool like the one they've put in on top of No Moore, but a quick look at the site reveals what appears to be a private swimming hole out back, right behind the Call-a-Head. Suburbia still rules.
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240 West Broadway, New York, NY