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Curbed PriceChopper: The Cuts Just Keep on Coming!

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Then: $2,400,000
Now: $1,589,000
You Save!: $811,000!

My gosh, a nearly one-third overall price drop? Luckily for those with weak stomachs, the seller has been kind enough to break the choppage up into bite-size, easily-digestible chunks. This 3BR, 2.5BA Upper West Side co-op has undergone seven price cuts in the nine months it's been on the market, per StreetEasy. Writes the eagle-eyed Curbed tipster who spotted it: "Either the market is crashing, or some agents are crazy. Once a month since January, the agent has decided, 'It's that time of the month again boys...let's bump her down. Pretty crazy, this market really isn't as perfect as lots of people say it is." Dem's fightin' words, but let's look beyond the macro market predictions based on one co-op apartment and focus on...this one co-op apartment. What gives? Pricey maintenance? Jerkish board?
· Listing: 215 West 91st Street [Elliman]