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LIC's East Coast 4 Model Revealed

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[All photos courtesy of A. Fine]

So, here is East Coast 4, the next Rockrose building that will rise on the Queens West site in Long Island City, slated to open in 2010. This building will be at the northernmost edge of the site, fronting on the East River and along the Anabel Basin. It will have another big parking structure in front of it on the inland side. The images come courtesy of broker/blogger A. Fine, who also posted a vid of the new model of the 750-unit rental building. He writes:

Rockrose seems to be making an incredible effort to one-up it's already over the top amenities package at East Coast 2. EC4 will have a rooftop pool, sloping grass amphitheatre, tennis courts, cabanas, and best of all, it's own beach! So long as you join the "East Coast Club" residents of all 4 buildings will be able to enjoy the amenities. With the 20,000 sf gourmet supermarket and Duane Reade opening in the next month or so, there will be very little reason to leave the complex.
Given that, it's a little unsettling that (what we presume is) the tennis court atop the garage complex bears an unfortunate resemblance to a prison yard in the model.
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