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Williamsburg's Finger Mystery Deepens: It's Up for Sale

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The future of Williamsburg's most famous stalled/stopped building project--the Finger Building--appears to be taking an even more interesting twist. Yesterday, we noted that the building was supposed to be going in front of the Board of Standards and Appeals for an appeal of an earlier decision that would have allowed The Finger to continue at its current height of 10 stories and possibly go higher depending on the outcome of other complicated litigation. The hearing was scheduled for July 22. Then, there was a report that Finger Day would be postponed until July 29. Now we know why: the troubled building is in the process of being sold. A Williamsburg tipster passes along an email from an attorney involved in the process of the request for the delay:

Our clients, the developers of the site, are near the completion of a real estate transaction to sell the property. At the request of our clients and the expected future owners, we are requesting that the hearing be postponed one week, to July 29, at which time we anticipate the property will have been transferred.The most tantalizing rumor for Finger fans is that the buyer may be someone that's been involved in the court case revolving around improper use of air rights. Whether this means that the Finger, which was designed by Robert Scarano, would rise to its planned full height of 16 stories is unclear.
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