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Neighborhood Watch: Flushing Officially Nuts

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"We've dabbled before in the Sky View Parc (right), the massive luxury development/shopping mall being built on a formerly contaminated brownfield in Flushing, but a new development in the works says it'll blow Sky View Parc out of the water: "Just north of the Muss site, the Lev Group plans to turn another riverside brownfield into a 459-unit, LEED-certified condo development (pricing to be announced), with attached retail and commercial space. The development, Lev CEO Eddie Shapiro claims, will be even more high-end than Sky View Parc. 'We're going with something a lot more upscale,' he says. 'We're going to have amenities like a nutrition center, a feng shui consultant. We're bringing a Manhattan-style project.'" [NYP]

Sky View Parc

2822 College Point Blvd., New York, NY 11354