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Rangel's Landlord Not So Generous With Other Tenants

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The story of Rep. Charles Rangel's four rent-stabilized apartments at Harlem's upscale rental community Lenox Terrace refuses to die, even after Rangel said he'd give up the apartment currently being used as an office. Today, the Times focuses on the owner of Lenox Terrace, the Olnick Organization, and what some residents say is a campaign of harassment in an effort to drive out rent-stabilized tenants. Tenants who aren't Rep. Charles Rangel or fellow rent-stabilized Lenox Terrace resident Gov. David Patterson, of course. Basically, the Times gives the Olnick Organization the Stuy Town treatment, highlighting some of the more egregious cases in which tenants have been dragged through lengthy and costly eviction proceedings. Except, the Olnick Organization makes Stuyvesant Town owner Tishman Speyer look like a puppy dog. For example, Olnick tried to evict a dead person from Lenox Terrace, then later sent a bill to that person's family for the legal fees incurred during the eviction process. And they delivered the bill at the guy's funeral! OK, we made that last part up, but you get the idea. Meanwhile, the Times also twists the knife they firmly placed in Rangel's back by highlighting all the legal excuses Olnick could use to decontrol Rangel's apartments. Has this reached vendetta status yet?
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