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Braced for Change with BCRE on Soho's Grand

Hotels are the thing to build downtown these days, and developers will go to great lengths - and depths - in order to get them up. When digging down in this flood-prone corner of Soho massive steel bracing is the only way to go. One such project is the glassy BCRE hotel going up on Grand Street. Construction here gave the neighbors at 17 Thompson a case of the shakes, but DOB sent a message to the developer and things soon settled down. This is the same gang from Brack Capital that is partnering with architect Peter Poon on a new hotel on West 35th in midtown. Not to mention their swell Tiffany jewel box of a condo at 15 Union Square West. And then there's that mystery project the Brack boys have in store for the Bowery. Clearly, BCRE is braced for the future.
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27 Grand Street,New York,NY