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Queens Bucks React

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The Starbucks closing have so shaken up Queens that at least one blogger was speculating that there was a secret list of Bucks that were going to get de-frapped in the future. The obit for the Queens losses, one of them in a shopping mall called Atlas Park, is touching: 'If true, Atlas Park can survive no big deal. There's yuppie coffee and seating in Borders and Amish Market. The Stop/Shop center takes a big hit. That big green Starbucks sign with the outdoor seating gave that place a validity that neighbors Dress Barn and Petland Discouts simply don't. And to all the inexplicable Atlas Park haters, be careful what you wish for. There's only so many Starbucks and Borders to go around before it becomes Value Depot and Family Dollar." Amen. [Forest Hills 72]