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Selling Bushwick: "You Guys Are in Hep of Poop"

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It's hard to know what to make of all this, except that it appears that a real estate agent took issue with the always low-key approach of Bushwick blogger Bushwick BK and wrote, in all caps as can be seen in the posted screen cap of the email above, that it has led to a "HEP OF POOP." As 1,000 degree Friday afternoon summer bizarreness goes, this weird tale, which we sense is not over just yet, gets extra points. It contains alleged threats of an "ugly investigation" and reports to the Realtors Board for unauthorized advertising of a Bushwick condo called (seriously) Lumbini Garden. There is much detail and background color to all of this, spelled out in great detail. The picture is really in the "HEP OF POOP" email like that?
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