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19 Stories Beneath Manhattan, a Huge Tunnel

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[Photo: Will Femia]

Yesterday, the MTA showed off the massive tunnel being dug 19 stories under Manhattan. The tunnel is part of a big dig to connect the Long Island Railroad to Grand Central Station. A 200-ton tunnel boring machine recently finished carving a mile-long tunnel through good old Manhattan bedrock and an adjacent tunnel is expected to be finished by the end of summer. Eight tunnels will eventually feed into a new station under Grand Central there will ultimately be eight tunnel sections feeding into an immense new station below Grand Central. The entire project, which is supposed to be finished around 2015. In the meantime, Curbed photog about town Will Femia went 19 stories down for the tour and came back with a lot of photos of this bizarre underworld.
· 19 Stories Below Manhattan, a 640-Ton Machine Drills a New Train Tunnel [NYT]