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Catching Up with the Freakin' Falls: 'Glorified Fountains' Still?

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It's been nearly a month since the city and Olafur Eliasson unveiled The New York City Waterfalls, Eliasson's four-part experiment with scaffolding and tiny droplets of East River water. 1,000-plus votes later, our poll posing the key question of whether the installation is breathtaking or menacing has the Curbed populous firmly of the mind that, yessirindeed, we're looking at 'a bunch of glorified fountains'. But, then, we're looking from angles like these. What happens when you set The Falls to classical music? Change anything? Rocketboom does the very thing today and ponders, "Is this art, or is this just scaffolding with water pouring off the top?" Have a look, see if you can't finally get it with the help of few violas and host Joanne Colan stumbling around the Water Taxi.
· NYC Waterfalls [Rocketboom]