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Real World Red Hook Looking Pretty Real

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The Real World Red Hook thing that we first reported earlier this week via a tipster may be (sort of) confirmed. Unofficially. There are reports of work going on at the Pier 41 building, which houses Steve's Key Lime Pies, among other businesses, and of people being unable to talk about things because they've signed papers. Metro says that "workers at Pier 41, a commercial building on Van Dyke Street, confirmed that MTV will house the next season of the show (and the next seven participants) there," proving the adage that it's always best to go straight to the source. Most telling, though, is that Greg O’Connell, who owns Pier 41, "said he signed a waiver of confidentiality and declined to speak." The Brooklyn Paper adds that Mr. O'Connell says he's "signed some papers." Which is pretty much all the confirmation one needs that it's looking very much like Real World Red Hook.
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