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Will Apartment Hotel Guy Get a Free Room for a While?

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Er, speaking of scam-type things, the person behind, which specializes in renting "illegal" hotel rooms (aka apartments rented by the night) has been busted. The problem wasn't the illegal hotel rooms which went for up to $1K per night, per se, but not forwarding $1.4 million in sales taxes and avoiding $2M in other fees. The woogo site has also attracted legions of non-admirers, spawning a former site alternately called WooGoSucks or WooGone. Among the greatest hits: "Ongoing, Illegal & Fraudulent Hotel Activities" and the "Facilitation of Fraud by the World's Largest Travel Agents" and things like a "three-star" queen room at the WooGo Lincoln Center Apartments through Expedia for nearly $1,000 for four nights. In the end, though, as always, it's about the taxes. Woogo, though, is still helping the tourists find an illegal hotel really great place to stay for cheap in a residential environment in NYC.
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