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I Have a Dream

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Novac Noury, inventor of such oddities as the 'wireless, arrow-shaped keyboard' (huh?), has a dream: "Noury plans to transform his dilapidated building at 51 Little W. 12th St., previously Astor’s horse stable, into a 10-story “mini-mansion-inn” with a “history and mystery museum” to inform visitors about the Carpathia, Titanic and Pier 54. He wants to build a cabaret with eating, drinking, dancing and no restriction for live music on the first floor, an outdoor patio, cafe and spa with a view of the Hudson River and the historic High Line rail structure on the second floor, and rooms and offices on every other floor...“Instead of buying condos out in the Hamptons, people are going to be riding their bicycles or taking the train to the Pier 54 Beach,” he said." [The Villager]