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Turns Out They Were Very Innovative Apartments

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So, it turns out that the "innovative" in Innovative Apts., a screengrab of whose still online website is above, was about the methodology of the (obligatory modifier: alleged) scam that was being run. The partners did very well, apparently, taking about 4,000 apartment seekers for $1 million through what officials described as "a bogus No Fee Apartments scam." Renters came via Craigslist ads and sites that promised "Exclusive Listings!" from "New York City's #1 No Broker Fee Apartments" company. Customers paid $200 and got, well, not much. Per today's Post: "The only 'exclusive, no fee' apartments it offered through its database either didn't exist or weren't exclusive and no-fee at all, having been recycled from other Craigslist advertisements." The website's still up, for now, so do poke around and have a look at was available.
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