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50 Franklin Street Flies In Under the Radar

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Down near the end of little Cortlandt Alley, where the eastern edge of Tribeca starts butting up against the courthouses north of Foley Square, a new condo project from Rawlings Architects is rising at 50 Franklin Street. According to records at DOB this one will top out at 18 stories, hold about 94,000 sf and be packed with 72 units, all just a stoned throw away from the frat-pack tower of sin at 80 Lafayette, the final point on the infamous NYU vomit trail. This site on Franklin Street looks down little Benson Place, which is sort of an alley but is more fittingly described as the driveway for the recently reclad New York County Family Courthouse across the way. The facade here is squared and notched, making it a nice counterpoint to the crazy curves going up around the corner at Five Franklin Place. The project, situated just south of a bit of Chinatown undergoing some re-zoning, is being developed by contractor CM & Associates. So far the RA website doesn't have anything on this one, but it's not set to be finished until March 2009 so there's still plenty of time for all the pretty pictures and stuff.
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50 Franklin

50 Franklin, New York, New York 10013