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Week in Review: Real World Red Hook, 19 Stories Down, EC4 Reveal, Freedom Loses a Friend, More

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As this Saturday gets underway, check out a selection of some of the top stories on Curbed this week.

1) Red Hook: Our early tip that Real World Brooklyn is going to be situated in one of the old warehouse pier buildings was looking pretty good by week's end.

2) Underground: It is a very big tunnel and it is 19 stories deep and the entire project won't be done until 2015, but the big photo gallery is pretty cool.

3) LIC: The next building that will go up in Queens West, East Coast 4, has been revealed.

4) WTC: Freedom's Friend lost Merrill Lynch, which didn't come as a total shock given it financial losses. Is Tower 3 screwed?

5) East Village: The anti-gentrification, anti-yuppie, anti-wine-bar, anti-single-family-mansion Die Yuppie Scum thing in the East Village/LES is still going on.

6) Union Square: The saga of the busted escalators continues as they're now sealed off.