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CurbedWire: Harlem Piers Park Open, Stuy Town WallGate

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HARLEM?The Harlem Piers park is open. A tipster sends a photo and writes: "The Harlem Pier park has opened across from Fairway on the Hudson River. Located on 125th to 132nd streets It looks great, although the piers are still off limits to people right now. At the water's edge is gross new chain link fencing - we are hoping this is temporary and eventually nice railings or something will be along the river front. Rumor has it a ferry service from Fort Lee will be running to the Harlem Piers as well as water taxi." Nice, except for the fence. [CurbedWire Inbox]

STUY TOWN?Over the past couple of days, a handful of Curbed tipsters have written in to say that Tishman Speyer has canceled the pressurized wall policy at rental megacomplex Stuyvesant Town. The pressurized wall, in which tenants pay a fee to have a temporary wall added to the living room to create an additional bedroom, has been one of Tishman's chief recruiting tools in luring the post-collegiate market-rate renter set. The most detailed e-mail went like this: "Just got off the phone with the leasing office. Stuy Town is not allowing any more pressurized walls. This is indefinitely until the architect finishes working with NY State on an amended layout. This has something to do with airflow in the apartments. Anyone currently with a wall scheduled for installation has had it canceled. People are being allowed out of their lease if this is a problem." A call to the leasing office confirms the new no-wall policy, though it's unclear if units already with the walls will be grandfathered in. A representative for Stuy Town had no further comment. [CurbedWire Inbox]