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Construction Watch: Return of the Williamsburg Water Taxi

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Was it only last winter that the New York Water Taxi dock floated away from Schaefer Landing in Williamsburg and service was suspended? Well, the East River Route is back and Schaefer Landing service is due to resume on July 7. A dock was delivered and set up today, with evidence of the procedure forwarded by a tipster. Only a couple of days ago, Brooklyn 11211 was expressing worry that the dock was not on the scene yet:

Riding across the East River on the J train today, I noted (as I do just about every day) the singular lack of any docking structure at Schaefer Landing. Yes, the dock that was supposed to arrive in May, is still not there. Nor is there any activity around the area where one might expect a dock to be indicating that anyone is remotely interested in actually building a dock-like structure.
11211 pointed out that while Williamsburg waited, Ikea was enjoying 36 boats a day (because it's paying for the service). The Schaefer Landing weekday service will have four boats in the morning and four in the afternoon.
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Schaefer Landing

440 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY