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Take a Shot at Redesigning Brooklyn's Park Avenue

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Well, the people running the 21st Century Street design competition didn't cop out and go for some easy Brooklyn spot. They could have always picked a tougher spot, but the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Ninth Street is by no means an urban oasis, even though the avenue has been insanely optimistically referred to as Brooklyn's Park Avenue. The contest, which is open for the public and sponsored by Transportation Alternatives, is looking for "new conceptual and physical approaches to the planning of public streets...The street will be re-imagined as a healthy, safe, and sustainable 21st Century street." It's steps from the Fourth Avenue Station whose own redesign was recently tossed into the trash bin by the MTA. The registration deadline is July 18, entries are due by August 18 and there will be a public show in December. The top entry chosen gets a $6,000 prize. Everybody else, maybe, gets to envision what it might be like to cross Fourth Avenue without risking being pancaked by a turning truck.
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