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Curbed PriceChopper: The Rest of the Forté (Again)

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Then: $896,000
Now: $725,00
You Save!: $171,000!
We're not clear how many people are currently calling the Clarett Group's Forté tower in Fort Greene home, but we can say that most of the units that are still on the market have gotten additional fair to moderate buzz cuts in the last few days. Streeteasy shows a series of PriceChops about five days ago, some of the of the second generation variety. Let's take unit 16D, a 1,007 square foot two BR, 2BA unit that was $896,000 but now finds itself priced to move at $725,000. It originally hit the market in the heady days of August '07 at $935,000, making the overall PriceChop $210,000, which is none too shabby. (This is actually the second round of PriceChops on many units.) On the upper end of what's still around in the Forte, consider the priciest unit still on the market, aka 15B/C. It has gotten a shave from $1.697M ito $1.55M or a little chop action of $147,000. All in all, 10 of the 12 units currently listed have gotten visits from the PriceChopper.
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