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Carroll Gardens Close to Going Tumor-Free After Planning Vote

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The long running fight in Carroll Gardens to change city zoning so that very narrow streets are actually defined that way for zoning purposes, limiting the heights of new buildings, passed the City Planning Commission this morning. Old zoning has defined streets that are 50 feet wide (counting sidewalks) and that can barely handle parked cars and still allow one to drive up the middle as being up to 130 feet wide because front yards are counted (the "gardens" in Carroll Gardens). The change means a reduction in the height of new buildings from up to seven stories on "wide" streets" to five stories on "narrow" streets. It also helps eliminate large tumor additions to existing buildings. There's a final City Council vote on July 23 and the measure is expected to pass. A bigger neighborhood downzoning that many residents are pushing for is still at least two years away, however.
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