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Will New Construction Code Keep Things From Falling?

This should be interesting. The city's first major overhaul of its building code since 1968 (sort of) took effect yesterday and it's designed to impact everything from fire safety to keeping cinder blocks from falling on the heads of pedestrians. The overhaul includes a new building violation classification system, new construction safety procedures, use of third-party construction inspectors, new sprinkler requirements, more permits for scaffolding and about 45,000 other things. (There are actually four volumes of the thing and it won't even be out until the middle of the month.) The impact won't be immediate because projects can comply with the old building code for another year or with the new one. The new one is mandatory starting next July. Those who track such things might recall that departed Buildings Commissioner Patricia Lancaster, under whose reign the new code was drafted, took a private sector job with the Durst Organization to help them "understand the new city building code."
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