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CurbedWire: Charleston Finally Sells Out, Busted Clock at Madison Square, Carroll Gardens Closer to Being Narrow

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MURRAY HILL?Are there any fireworks slated for tonight? The Charleston, which has been on the market for a loooong time, sent out a press release today that it has "sold the last of its 191 residences in the stunning new 40-story Murray Hill luxury condominium located at 225 East 34th Street." We're certain the sell out was helped by some serious PriceChopping late last year, but whatever, the dead is done and the "new standards of living and caliber of design" has found buyers, and it's safe to assume, some renters. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FLATIRON?A reader asks a question about the Clock Tower at Madison Square Park: "What's up with the park-facing clock dial on the Madison Square clock tower? It's been busted for two weeks (reads 12:00), although the other faces continue to function correctly. Looks bad to have all of the visitors to the park and the Flatiron Building see a busted clock, like maybe the area is falling apart or the owners don't care. If you buy an icon, you ought to maintain it . . . any way we can shame the owner into ponying up for a fix?" The parts are probably on the way from a craftsman in Switzerland as we speak. [CurbedWire Inbox]

CARROLL GARDENS?The zoning amendment that would redefine narrow neighborhood streets as actually being narrow passed its first City Council vote by 6-0 this week. Among those still fighting it is the developer of the controversial 360 Smith Street project, which would not have been allowed at its current height under the zoning change. Looks like the amendment will be approved before the end of the week. [CurbedWire Inbox]

360 Smith Street

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