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Stuy Town Debuts Latest Luxury Amenity: Paparazzi

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Four months ago, new Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village owner Tishman Speyer reversed the rental megacomplex's 50-year-old policy of not allowing pets. As a result, the natives became a little restless. But has the passage of time calmed their nerves? Um, no. A new wave of complaints on the Tenants' Association message board have focused on dog owners not following the rules (i.e., they've been walking their pets on the grass, a no-no) and some angered oldtimers have threatened to snap pictures of pet policy violators to single them out for scolding. In fact, that is precisely what has happened. The photo above was posted on the boards this morning, with the photographer noting, "Watched this nice neighbor take his St. Bernard (80 lbs ??) for a little swim in the fountains this 11 AM Then stroll off through the Oval grass. Pictures say it all." Actually, they don't, but this follow-up comment from a fellow Stuy Towner certainly does: "This is anything goes town!"
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