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The Catch: Williamsburg Courtyard Special

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What/Where: A $1,450/month "beautiful newly renovated 1 large BR apt. Large courtyard near train" in Williamsburg.
Looks Good, Right? Well, it's no Adres Escobar interior, but we've seen a lot worse for the price and the Craiglist ad certainly has a lot of nice words about it, especially the big backyard: "Come view this beautiful newly renovated 1 bedroom apt living room which is housed in a magnificent building w/a beautiful entrance & hallway. Access to large backyard! Features...Nice kitchen w/like new appliances! Beautiful brand new bathroom! Like new floors! Good lighting! Freshly painted walls! Pets friendly!!!!" We like the four exclamation points on the pets. And it's near the J-M-Z Marcy Ave. stop or the Lorimer L. stop. The tipster who points us to the listing writes: "Fairly standard issue crappy Williamsburg apt, but then I saw the courtyard. My god."
The Catch: About the big backyard...

So, our tipster asked "Does it include the use of tires?" To which we reply: Tsk. Tsk. There aren't that many tires and if you put some trees back there that don't need much light, a fountain, the right lighting, you've an outdoor wonderland with a vaguely Medieval vibe.
· $1450 / 1br - Beautiful Newly Renovated 1 Large BR Apt. [Craigslist]