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Happy Endings: Inside a 2BR Sky House Apartment

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The Towers of the 20s sure have come a long way in the past year, and yet, we're still a little frightened of them. So tall! That's why, when we heard through the bloggers' grapevine (it's just like a regular grapevine, only every other word is "zomg") that Above the Law editor-in-chief David Lat was in the process of moving to New York and into a two-bedroom unit he purchased at Sky House, we asked him for some details on the experience. Not only did he tell us about his housing hunt, but he also sent along a bunch of pictures to give Curbed Nation a glimpse into what life is like at this former Development Du Jour on 29th Street just east of Fifth Avenue. His 1,159sqft condo is on the 30th floor of the 50-story building.

Lat tell us:

I was looking for a decent-sized, two-bedroom condo in Manhattan, for under $1.5 million -- which, despite the cooling of the market, is still not that easy a feat. That took a lot of options off the table, right off the bat. No 15 CPW for me.

My broker took me to see a few random apartments in different parts of the city -- I'm not a typical Manhattan neighborhood snob, I was open to lots of different areas -- but nothing grabbed me. Everything I saw seemed small, or dark, or both.

But when I saw the Sky House unit, I was immediately impressed. The views and light are amazing. The apartment is on the 30th floor, with a bank of windows all facing west -- looking out over the Little Church Around the Corner, whose air rights the building bought, followed by the skyline and the Hudson River. The apartment is a good size, almost 1,200 square feet; the bedrooms are separated, as you can see from the floor plan; and the appointments and fixtures are of a good quality.

The neighborhood still isn't much to look at on the street level. I think another real estate blog once referred to it as "the Persian rug district." But it's getting better, with the influx of new buildings, as chronicled by Curbed. I suspect it will look very different in ten or even five years.

The building seems great. The public areas are attractive, there's a good-sized gym, and additional storage units are available (I got two). My only disappointment with the building: the lack of a roof deck. Considering the great views, a communal roof deck or terrace would be awesome. I'm hoping that the 51st Floor Duplex With Terrace and Winter Garden doesn't sell, so the developers will turn that space into a terrace open to all the residents of the building. But otherwise, I'm very happy!

The happy endings are never as fun as the unhappy ones, but yeah, we guess we're psyched for him or whatever.
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